Bidfood x ABG

Bidfood UAE has partnered with the Australian Beef Group as the official distributor in the UAE. The partnership marks the Australian Beef Group’s debut in the GCC foodservice market and supports our strategy of providing the best products in the foodservice industry.

Who are ABG?

The Australian Beef Group is the world’s best beef solution formed through connecting the world’s best beef producers to the world’s best food providers. 

The Australian Beef Group works diligently in order to ensure the process from cattle in a paddock to beef on a plate is completed with a unified approach. 

Consistent with their love of good food, Australian Beef Group will not strive to be the biggest Australian beef provider, but they will strive to be the best.



Sustainability is their top priority

Australia is a beautiful place and needs to be maintained. Through their feed management practices and livestock purchasing programs, the Australian Beef Group and partners are contributing to sustainable agriculture within Australia.


The Network

The dedicated livestock procurement team for the Australian Beef Group has over 75 years of combined experience. This unique attribute allowed them to source not only the genetically best cattle but also plan customer beef requirements while the cattle are still on farms.

Their farmers work together in order to gain consistency in the paddock. This flows through to consistency in the brand.


ABG products

ABG OP Rib Tomahawk Angus Grain Fed 


SKU #:04933

ABG Boneless Beef Blade (Clod) 

SKU #:04946 

Angus Grain Fed Beef Topside 

SKU #:04926

Angus Grain Fed Beef Brisket Point End Deckle Off 

SKU #:04925

Angus Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin Side Strap Off  

SKU #:04924

ABG Patties Burger 120g  

SKU #:14929