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A brief paragraph about your professional background. Feel free to add anything you might find relevant that fits your professional career, or re-word it completely but make sure you match the style, tone of voice and have a maximum 80 words. It should include at least: your professional background, your origins that inspired your MONIN Cup entry, and your passions.

Ex: Ahmed was born in Saudi Arabia but spent two years in Egypt. Before joining the Cairo Jazz Club in Cairo in 2016 he spent six months bartending in various hotels in Gouna. Ahmed is passionate about football and coffee, which gives him the ambition to open his own concept of cafes someday.

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Enter the name of the establishment you work for. E.g.: XYZ Café, Riyadh.

Rules & Regulations:

Each participant will have to follow the exact recipe that they subscribed with before the deadline. Doing otherwise could be a motive for deduction of points

During the Regional Final & Final competition day:

  • You will have to give a short explanation of your choice of recipe and MONIN Flavours 
  • You will prepare 4 identical drinks of your winning recipe: 3 for the juries and 1 for display and pictures 
  • You are expected to bring your own utensils & glassware to prepare your drinks or garnishes (Jigger, shaker, glassware etc). Please make sure your set is complete before the preparation time.
  • Participants will have 3 minutes for preparation and setup on stage to explore it
  • 10 minutes to present, prepare and explain to the judges the theme/inspiration of the drink 
  • Finally Competitors will have 2 minutes to clean the bar and remove their equipments and ingredients
  • Edible or inedible garnishes can used and prepared prior to going on stage. The time allowed for the preparation of the garnishes (before getting on stage) is 10 minutes

Recipes shall include at least 10 ml of MONIN product(s). You are free to use other edible ingredient(s), from other brands not competing with MONIN Product(s) (Syrups, Frappes, Sauces, Fruit Mixes / Purees), without limitations in number, nor quantities as long as all the ingredients are safe to consume


We will provide all MONIN products needed for your recipe. All MONIN products are available below, please send us your request at [email protected] to arrange flavours collection


Your Recipe

No ml Ingredients Brand Name

Please write legibly and in block letters. Please use at least 10 ml of MONIN product(s).
*Saudi Monin Cup Judges will test the recipe as per the above ingredient.

(Select applicable method)

Eg: (Wine Glass, Shot Glass, Tulip Champagne Glass, Hightop Glass, Hurricane Glass etc)

Pictures of your Drink taken in the foreground with garnishes. Focus on the drink with a blurred background of Monin Products Used.

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    • 1st Place: 8,000 SAR
    • 2nd Place: 5,000 SAR
    • 3rd Place: 3,000 SAR

    DISCLAIMER: All participants of the SAUDI MONIN CUP 2022 must adhere to the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia. Alcohol or any form of alcoholic beverage will not be allowed in the competition. Neither MONIN nor Al Diyafa company for catering service be held liable for any violation of the laws of ٍSaudi Arabia.