5 Non-Boring Ways to Give Your Drinks Menu a Health Boost

September 29, 2021 Bidfood - News

68% of consumers shared that they are now more concerned about their health and well-being, according to the Bidfood Trends 2021 report. Additionally, 51% of consumers are more inclined to go for healthier choices when eating out.

If you own or run a café, restaurant, or hotel that offers the usual drink menu to your customers, don’t you think it’s high time to consider the numbers above? Would your regular house drink be enough to satisfy a more health-conscious customer?

From finding new ways to enjoy a healthy cup of illy coffee to offering more nutritious beverage choices, we at Bidfood are ready to support your shift to a healthier, more sustainable way of serving your customers.

Stirring Up Healthier Options

As a food service provider, statistics such as those mentioned above are crucial when developing a new approach to creating menus that complement the way people eat and drink. In addition, it’s imperative to explore how you can adapt to the evolving ways that consumers lead healthier lives.

With health being such a broad topic, however, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You have to wade through and analyze a wealth of niche concepts and fad diets to determine if developing a healthier drinks menu is sustainable for your business. You also have to consider if it’s the right fit for your market.

Finding a balance between offering healthy choices and maintaining an appealing and exciting menu can be a challenge. Will concocting a mocktail using calorie-free sparkling water fare well with bubbly-loving customers? Will switching to tree syrups make a difference with clients who have a sweet tooth?

Below, we offer you some ideas on how you can keep your drink menu exciting while also giving it a health boost:

1. Go Light and Low

Calorie counting is back with a vengeance, especially with consumers who are looking to improve their health. In some countries like the United Kingdom, calorie labeling will be introduced in big food service establishments starting April 2022, which may translate to more widespread awareness.

If you want to attract health-conscious customers, you can add low-calorie options to your drinks menu. Guilt-free coffee concoctions like low-calorie alcoholic drinks or fruit-infused water are some excellent examples of items that can shave calories off your menu (and your customers’ diet).

Of course, good old water is still the best zero-calorie choice. But to make it more fun, you can offer sparkling natural water with a few slivers of lemon or a squeeze of seasonal fruit.

2. Swap Sugars

Instead of simply serving soda and other carbonated beverages, you can add some zest into your drinks menu by swapping artificial sweeteners with healthier alternatives.

With the wellness trend on a high, a wide range of naturally derived sweeteners is available such as agave, coconut nectar, date, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, monk fruit, stevia, and yacon root. Sparkling fruit beverages such as the San Pellegrino line have also switched from sugar to stevia leaf extract, making it a low-sugar, low-calorie drink.

You can also offer “jeltzers,” a combination of healthy fruit juices and seltzer or sparkling water. Opt for grape or pomegranate juice for their antioxidant properties.

3. Offer Low- or No-Alcohol Options

To expand your drinks menu, include healthier zero- or low-alcohol drinks. Doing so will also widen your market as it can cater to those who love to party without the heavy buzz.

Mocktails are popular options with healthier alternatives, such as a Ruby Sparkler Mocktail that combines chilled sparkling water, rhubarb-plum syrup, and agave or honey. Other mocktail options make use of apple cider, blood orange, cranberry, and strawberry.

Sangria is also a no-alcohol option. You can get our Blackcurrant and Hibiscus Fruit tea as your base and add chopped fruits like apples, clementines, oranges, peaches, or pomegranates and serve it chilled.

You can carry alcohol-free sparkling wine as well, like Martini Dolce for those who want the bubbles without the lousy hangover.

4. Think of Wellness-Inspired Themes

Another idea to add some pizzazz to your drinks menu is to create one with a specific theme. For example, consider holding wellness-inspired concepts with seasonal beverages such as Summer Smoothies or Winter Melons. You can also hold special “healthy” days such as Mocktail Mondays or Fruity Fridays, where you highlight your healthier offerings.

You can even put a twist on your fruit or vegetable smoothies by using sparkling water instead of still. It gives the fizz that you want from fun beverages like soda without the added calories or sugars.

5. Consider Functional Drinks

Functional drinks are also gaining traction and would be an excellent addition to your menu. Focus is trained now on the link between gut health, immunity, and probiotics. Digestive health is also a key area where fermented food such as kefir, yogurt, and kombucha fit in.

Kombucha tea is especially getting its fair share of attention that has inspired various drinks ranging from warm, soothing teas to iced and fizzy concoctions.

You can also tailor your functional drink menu to specific life stages. For example, creating drinks that cater to kids, pregnant or menopausal women, or adults in their senior years can also open up many opportunities.

Working Towards Wellness

Going the healthy route and developing a drinks menu with nutritious beverages can help your brand and business. The pandemic has brought on a more robust community spirit, with consumers patronizing companies that invest and give back to the community. Expanding your menu to include healthier choices can also open your doors to more patrons and better opportunities.

Contact us today for more information on beverages that can help give your own drinks menu a healthy boost.