Bidfood UAE completes yet another internal Basic Fire Safety Training!

August 26, 2019 | 10:00 PM Bidfood - News

Bidfood UAE held its annual Basic Fire Safety Training at its DIP offices on Tuesday.


The four-hour training session was led by Mr. Mehiar, a former police officer and firefighter and a member of SAVEFAST Fire and Safety training, an established training company approved by Dubai Civil Defence for delivering comprehensive fire safety programs.


The day began with some technical and interactive theory about what fire is, how to identify fire hazards, the causes of fires, the different classes of fires (adhering to the British and the US law) and the types of extinguishers (i.e.: CO2, foam, water). Attendees were all eyes and ears as they learned how to safely and efficiently tame the flames following the PASS technique (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep) and were quizzed on each chapter along the way.


The final hour of the training was dedicated to some practice. All attendees went outside to test their fire extinguishing skills on a live flame! The latter was contained in SAVEFAST's specialized armored truck and, one by one, everybody had a turn at the blaze.


Congratulations to the new fire safety team!