Bidfood UAE Signs Agreement with UAE Food Bank to Tackle Food Waste

December 15, 2019 | 10:00 AM Bidfood - News

In keeping with efforts to tackle food waste and devise an integrated sustainability and food management plan, Bidfood UAE signed an agreement with the UAE Food Bank locking its involvement in its mission of tackling food waste in the country. The partnership marks a new milestone for the Bidfood UAE who, for the past year, has capitalized on the sustainability layer of the industry via partnerships with plant-based suppliers, recycling initiatives, and sizeable investment in Research and Development.


The agreement entails an official partnership between Bidfood UAE and the UAE Food Bank, whereby the former will provide any and all surplus of food deemed suitable for consumption as per official health and safety standards. The UAE Food Bank will then collect the surplus of food and distribute to approved charities and organizations around the country.


“On behalf of Bidfood UAE, I would like to express how thankful we are to be part of such a noble cause put in place by the UAE Food Bank. Through our participation in the project, we will be actively involving the team and stakeholders in the food waste management mission. We will provide positive support in organizing trainings and involving every stakeholder and every department in the company with the end-goal of installing an added dimension to our sense of responsibility towards our community - specifically pertaining to food,” Bidfood Middle East CEO, Hisham Al Jamil, said on the company’s plans to optimize its involvement in the project. 


The partnership will kick off with training sessions provided by the UAE Food Bank through which involved parties, i.e. Bidfood UAE’s internal team, customers, and suppliers, will be educated on surplus food preservation and storage per food health and safety laws. Bidfood UAE will also be integrating food waste management solutions into business strategies, communications, vision, and corporate values, to help fight food waste and utilize its expertise in the foodservice industry for the greater good of the community.


An evident benefit of the partnership lies in Bidfood UAE’s vast market reach, namely its solid network of suppliers and customers that can potentially be brought on board the food waste mission through trainings and campaigns, which in turn will translate into a larger number of participants in the UAE Food Bank project and the fight against food waste.   


“With Bidfood UAE onboard our mission, we’ll be increasing our network of partners in the foodservice industry and there is no doubt that we will be able to expand our reach within the country. The company’s positive reputation in the market and strong relationship with key stakeholders makes it a key ambassador for our cause. We are looking forward to nurturing our relationship with Bidfood UAE further and are confident that this partnership will yield positive results for all parties involved and ultimately those in need,” Dubai Municipality Food Safety Director, Iman Ali Al-Bastaki said.