Introducing Lamb Weston's latest innovation in the UAE

July 30, 2019 | 11:03 AM Bidfood - News

Lamb Weston's ingenious Hot2Home™ comes with revolutionary Hot2Home™ Fries, unique Hot2Home packaging, and Store2Door support.


The Hot2Home™ fries have a game-changing coating ensuring a holding time up to 20 minutes, are designed for both home delivery and dine-in and are available in both 6x6 and 9x9 cut sizes.

The patented Hot2Home fry cup comes with aeration to ensure the warmth and crispness of fries during transport, are customizable to customers' preference, and bear the Hot2Home™ logo as a quality seal.

The Hot2Home™ Store2Door support means advice on optimal front and back of the house operation and store to door training!


With Lamb Weston's Hot2Home™:


- You have one fry for takeaway, drive-thru, and home delivery

- You can extend your fry's crispiness by 20 minutes - You can expand your distribution range of home delivery

- You can increase positive reviews and word of mouth around your fries!