How to Buy the Best Wholesale Coffee Beans for Your Café

October 01, 2020 Bidfood - News

Bags or jars of coffee beans are typical displays in cafes. However, most of the time, owners do not put up these features solely for aesthetic purposes. They have plenty of these ingredients since they need it to make their number one product: coffee.

If you are opening a café soon, one of the first things you have to prioritize is getting the right coffee beans and knowing where you can get them in bulk. Aside from using them as displays, you need to have a steady supply of this ingredient to keep your business running and your customers happy.

Purchasing Coffee Beans in Bulk

Below are five tips that can help you navigate the challenging process of buying wholesale coffee beans for your café:

1. Familiarize yourself with the different coffee origins.

If you have not decided yet what kind of coffee to serve in your café, you will do well to read about the different coffee origins first.

The taste and characteristics of coffee beans vary based on where they were grown. The soil, elevation, and weather condition are some of the factors that affect this product.

Coffee beans from Central America and Colombia produce a well-balanced cup with the right amount of acidity. Products from Brazil, on the other hand, tend to be darker and have a chocolate-y flavor, which are great for espresso blends.

If you want to use a well-known brand, you also need to have an idea of where their coffee beans come from so that you know how and where to use them in your menu items. If you want to buy illy coffee in Saudi Arabia, for example, be aware that their products are sourced from Brazil, Colombia, India, and other countries in Central America and Africa.

2. Know the different roasts.

The roasting process of coffee beans also affects the flavor of the cup of joe you will make.

Light roast beans are not roasted long and are excellent for mild cups of brews. However, they are a bit more caffeinated than dark roasts.

Medium roast beans, on the other hand, taste more bitter. Their flavor is similar to the coffee you can get at supermarkets.

Lastly, dark roast beans have a shiny sheen and are oily to the touch. They produce a robust cup of coffee with big flavors and are perfect for espressos.

3. Choose a fair trade-certified product.

Once you become a coffee shop owner, you have to be a responsible entrepreneur. You can do this by buying fair trade-certified coffee beans.

Brands that are a part of a fair trade community are members of a global movement that helps ensure that everyone involved in growing the coffee beans receive reasonable compensation.

These companies aim to provide a sustainable income for the source countries while also ensuring that the farmers earn enough money.

Moreover, fair trade brands make sure they work with people and companies that focus on sustainable practices. They aim to leave the least amount of impact on the environment.

4. Consider the price.

Although you are in the process of opening a café, focusing on getting the least expensive coffee beans is not the best business move to make.

Keep in mind that when it comes to wholesale coffee beans, cheap almost always means poor quality. As a result, you will be serving brews that taste bad, which will displease your customers.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should put your entire budget toward getting these supplies. By studying all your options, you will find good-quality coffee beans that will work well in your beverage offerings.

Additionally, if you choose the right supplier, you can ask them for deals or offers that will allow you to get great products without breaking the bank. Most companies are open to doing this, especially if you are buying in bulk and will be a repeat customer.

3. Find a reliable supplier.

The last thing you want to happen once you open your café is to run out of coffee beans to use in your menu items. As such, take the time to find a supplier that you can rely on whenever you need to replenish your stock.

Ask your potential supplier how prepared they are in meeting your demands. If you need to get new stocks every week, find out if they can supply you with the estimated number of bags you need, which the best food and beverage companies in Saudi Arabia should be able to do.

Additionally, ask your potential supplier what their backup plans are in case they also run out of supplies and you need to restock. Get details about delivery fees they may charge you, too.

Find out what kind of assistance you can get from the supplier as well. The best companies will be able to give you details about the products they sell, such as the flavor, country of origin, and texture of their coffee beans. Moreover, they can give you recommendations regarding the right beans to use for your brews.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask them for any deals and discounts that they can offer. With proper discussion and agreement, you will be able to get some perks from working with your supplier.

With coffee beans fuelling your future café, you need to choose your products and supplier carefully. Following these tips can help you narrow down your list and make the right decision.

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