2 Types of Syrups Guaranteed to Elevate Your Beverage Offerings

March 19, 2020 Bidfood - News

Much like food, some drinks require a bit of a boost to add another dimension of flavor. Coffee, for instance, tastes bitter on its own. With the right flavored sweetener added in, not only does the coffee become sweeter, but its taste profile changes, as well.

The same theory applies to cocktails. Using flavored syrups can remove some of the bitterness and acidity associated with alcohol, creating a more palatable drink in the process. A cocktail can taste fruitier, nuttier, or even spicier, just by pouring the right type and amount of syrup.

Syrups come in a wide range of flavors and consistency. You can browse through our online catalog to see the many unique flavors we offer, including popcorn, Falernum, Pineapple, and Asian lemongrass, among others. With having a variety of syrups in your coffee shop, bar, or restaurant, you can create personalized concoctions for any type of customer.

Are you thinking of adding sweeteners to your establishment’s arsenal of sweet fluids?

As an established and renowned beverage distributor in the UAE, we can guide you in picking the right syrup for your business needs. Become a master of syrups with this list of categories and types.

Basic types of syrup

The syrups that fall under this category are well-known and already commonly used in different beverage applications.

1. Simple syrup

As the name implies, the recipe utilizes as much granulated sugar as water to create a gooey liquid. Some people heat the ingredients to ensure these mix well, much like when you produce caramel. However, you can simply make the syrup without any cooking or heat involved.

Mix the two ingredients rapidly and forcefully until all the sugar granules dissolve thoroughly. This basic syrup is what you may find in your typical iced coffee, tea, or in simple cocktail recipes. Rich simple syrups are made the same way but with double the amount of sugar to create an overwhelmingly sweeter liquid.

2. Honey syrup

Honey is naturally thick. Given this characteristic of honey, the temperature of the water or liquid is central to producing the syrup you want.

For instance, cold water or ice can solidify or turn the honey into goo. On the other hand, using hot water can help break down its caramel-like consistency, making the liquid easier to mix into drinks. Add this syrup with your mix of tequila and sage for one smashing cocktail.

3. Turbinado or Demerara

Sugars and sweeteners have unique flavor characteristics. Granulated sugar, for instance, contains no molasses. Because of its dry consistency, it doesn’t clump together and can be easily measured and sprinkled onto food or drinks.

Brown sugar, on the other hand, contains cane molasses. They contain more moisture as compared to white sugar. The combination gives it more flavor, and when mixed in cookies, it makes the cookies chewy.

Demerara is sugar made from raw sugar cane. The processing is minimal, just enough to make the sugar safe for consumption. As a result, the sugar contains more natural molasses as compared to white or brown sugar.

Making this syrup is similar to the basic recipe. The result is a taste profile that resembles more of caramel. This type of syrup makes an excellent addition to tropical drinks.

Specialty syrups

As a major food and beverage company in the UAE, Bidfood offers a comprehensive line of syrups for flavoring coffee, mixing cocktails, and cooking purposes, among others.

We have syrups in various flavors designed for specific purposes. Here are some of the types of syrups you may come across in our catalogs:

1. Sugar alternatives

Some people need to be extra cautious with knowing what’s inside what they eat or drink to Health-conscious people or individuals with dietary concerns need to look for alternatives to certain ingredients. Individuals with sensitivities to gluten, for instance, require foods and drinks that are gluten-free.

With the variety of syrups available, it is possible to find one that suits different dietary concerns. Now you can find natural, sugar-free, organic, or gluten-free sweet liqueur or sweetener options. To make sure you have the right one, check the label and description carefully before purchasing.

2. Concentrated syrups

For cafés, coffee shops, bars, and even restaurants with an extensive selection of beverages, mixing drinks and cocktails requires precision and speed. Concentrates make it possible for baristas, bartenders, and the like to mix drinks quickly.

Concentrates feature a bolder, sweeter flavor as compared to the basic syrups. Only a small amount of the syrup is needed to get the taste you want when mixed in coffees, teas, or other types of drinks. This makes concentrated syrups a practical flavorful component to any thriving bar, restaurant, or café.

Are you ready to get creative with your coffee shop or bar’s line of drinks?

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