5 Tips for Choosing the Right Meat Supplier for Your Restaurant

March 17, 2020 Bidfood - News

Meat is a highly valuable ingredient in most restaurant dishes. In fact, it's often considered the star of gastronomic spreads. This only goes to show how crucial it is for dining establishments to pay close attention to the quality of the meats they serve.

If you are a restaurant owner, ensuring the quality of your meats depends greatly on the supplier you choose, and this is no easy task. For many, this can take years of trying one supplier after another.

It's important to note, however, that the difficulty in finding the right supplier is not just about the quality of meats they deliver. Their reliability is also a vital consideration.

How to Choose Your Meat Supplier

Indeed, choosing a meat supplier for your restaurant is bound to be tricky, but to make this critical task significantly easier, here are five tips to follow.

Tip #1: Compare the meat catalogs of the top meat suppliers in your area.

Catalogs will show you an extensive list of the meats the suppliers can provide your business. You want to make sure that they have the specific types of meat you need and more.

Generally, catalogs also include information about the meats, such as where the origin, whether it’s free-range or not, and the certifications these have to prove their quality.

Based on the information these catalogs have, you will gain a solid idea of which supplier can meet your restaurant needs.

Tip #2: Conduct a background check and do a test run to determine reliability.

Check out customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback online. There are sites dedicated to these, and you'll have access to the experiences of other people with the suppliers that you are considering.

However, do not just rely on the experiences of others. It would help to have your own experience with them to base your decision on.

Give the highest-rated or most recommended meat suppliers a test run. Place a challenging order and see how well the suppliers can provide you precisely what you need and when you need it. If the supplier delivers everything to a T, you pretty much have yourself a winner.

Tip #3: See how excellent their customer service is.

A supplier's quality of customer service is another important variable to consider. It will be to your restaurant's advantage if your supplier demonstrates a deep commitment to assisting your business in its growth.

There are efforts or gestures that demonstrate this, such as giving your restaurant a call whenever top-quality meat comes in or being knowledgeable about your usual orders. There are even meat suppliers who are real experts at what they do, so they can also recommend the best cuts and types of meat for certain dishes.

And the best type of customer service that meat suppliers should deliver is a guarantee of freshness and high quality. If they fail to ensure both for your orders, they should be willing to refund your money if you are not satisfied.

Tip #4: Study the value the supplier provides.

Value is not just the price set for the products you get; it includes everything else — the brand of customer service delivered, the after-sale service provisions, deals, freebies, and so much more.

The best meat suppliers are devoted to providing their clients with the best value for their money. This is their way of strengthening their industry image and reputation and securing customer loyalty.

If you come across a supplier that doesn't pay much attention to these details, it only shows that they don't care about developing strong business relationships. Your restaurant will not benefit from a partnership with such an establishment.

Tip #5: See how well the meat supplier keeps up with food trends.

You know a meat supplier is a keeper if their offerings grow over time to accommodate the evolving demands of their customers. Not only that, but they should also remain adequately stocked to cater to the high demand for certain meats because of trends.

Again, find a supplier that can serve as a one-stop shop for your meat requirements and can even inform you about the latest food trends that your restaurant should consider jumping on. With such a supplier, your business can quickly meet its productivity goals.

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