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Taste the unique flavors of authentic French baguettes and loaves, crispy and flaky butter croissants or mouth-watering patisserie! Bridor’s premium products are tasty, a produce of France and inspired by some of the best pastry chefs and master bakers in the world.

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Bridor Croissant 70G

SKU #: 137-0037

Bidfood - Products

Bridor Mini Pain au Chocolat 28G

SKU #: 137-0038

Bidfood - Products

Bridor Pain au Chocolat 80G

SKU #: 137-0039

Bidfood - Products

Bridor Raspberry Vegan Croissant 90G

SKU #: 137-0040

Bidfood - Products

Croissant 60G

SKU #: 137-0041

Bidfood - Products

Pain au Chocolat 75G

SKU #: 137-0042