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June 08, 2021

Plant-Based Food: Why and How to Add More Greens to Your Restaurant Menu

If you don’t have many (or even any) vegan dishes on your menu, then you are missing out. Now is the time to add more plant-based dishes to your repertoire. With the help of food suppliers in Dubai, this is easier than you might think. Here, we tell you exactly why you need to cater to vegan diners and give you some tips to get started. Plant-based eating is now mainstream Until recently, veganism was seen very much as a fringe idea. While restaurants have been used to catering to vegetarians for a long time now, the tiny numbers of vegans meant that few thought vegan dishes a worthwhile investment. However, all that began to change at the end of the 2010s. According to analysis by Google trends, veganism is now twice as popular as it was in 2015. Here are some other stats from The Vegan Society that show just how fast veganism is growing: The number of vegans in the USA grew 600% between 2014 and 2017. Vegan food and beverage companies received $3.1 billion in investments in 2020. That’s three times more than any other year. It is now estimated that 1% of the planet’s population is fully vegan. One percent may seem like a small number. However, in many countries, the interest in veganism continues to grow. The numbers of people who are “part-time” vegan are far higher. “Veganuary,” or the idea that you commit to only eating vegan foods in January, is now hugely popular. Over half a million people took part this year. A Nielson report suggests that nearly 40% of Americans are committed to eating less meat and dairy, and more plant-based foods on a regular basis, too. Why add vegan options to your menu? Veganism is now so popular that it’s got to the stage where restaurants can no longer afford to ignore vegan diners. Adding more vegan options to your menu will ensure your menu has a relevant, up-to-date feel. It will add to your appeal and extend your reach. Don’t miss out on attracting vegan diners and their friends to your restaurant. Whether people are strict, full-time vegans or part-time, temporary vegans, they all want somewhere they can rely on for tempting, interesting and satisfying meat, dairy and seafood-free options. Consider that when a large party looks to make a booking, they’ll be checking out the vegan menu options for the small minority of vegans in their group. Can you afford to miss out? How to add more plant-based foods to your menu for maximum impact There’s more to vegan menu options than soups and salads. Dull options won’t cut it. Here’s how to get your vegan dishes right, the first time. 1. Align your vegan items with the rest of your menu Your vegan options need to fit right in with all your dishes and have the same appeal. Think about what brings people through your doors and make sure it's represented in plant-based form. You need to make sure your key flavors run through your vegan dishes, that presentation is similar, and that everybody gets to taste what you are all about. 2. Be open-minded, flexible and patient To do the above, you’re going to need to get creative and you’ll need to do your research. There are lots of different meat, seafood and dairy alternatives out there, including jackfruit, tempeh, black beans, and vegan cheese. Give your chefs lots of time and space to experiment with the different options to make sure your vegan dishes are perfect in taste, texture and presentation. 3. Include plenty of variety across your menu All diners want choice, so make sure there’s plenty of variety in your vegan options for them to choose from. Don’t forget starters and desserts, too. Look at wholesale options for vegan, frozen cake supplies. There’s no need to have a separate vegan menu; lots of meat-eaters might be interested in your vegan starters or dessert, for instance. Let them mix and match as they wish. Just use a symbol to mark vegan-friendly dishes on your main menu. 4. Stay on top of trends Like everything else in the food industry, vegan food trends move quickly. The year 2020 was all about the plant-based burger. This year looks set to be the year of vegan seafood alternatives. Don’t get left behind. 5. Don’t forget gluten-free and allergies Restaurants are getting better and better at providing excellent food for people with restricted diets and allergies. Don’t forget this when you draw up your revised, vegan-friendly menu. 6. Train your staff Once you’ve decided on your new menu options, make sure your front-of-house staff understands them completely. Diners will have lots of questions about the protein alternatives used. Are your staff ready to answer them? 7. Promote You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your new, exciting vegan options. Don’t forget to let everybody know they are there. Make sure you promote your new dishes through social media and other channels. Don’t be afraid to get more plant-based dishes on your menu. With some careful research and planning, you can soon have some excellent vegan dishes across your menu that are just as appealing and delicious as the rest of your menu.
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May 30, 2021 | 10:00 AM

Everything You Need to Know About myBidfood

A Digital Solution for the Digital Foodservice Customer!  Bidfood UAE proudly presents myBidfood - the first foodservice e-distribution platform to empower you, our current and future foodservice customers. Our team of dynamic specialists have created myBidfood to service all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, and employees) every day in every way. Your online ordering experience has now become easier with the LIVE TRACK feature, enabling you to track your order anytime anywhere. All it takes is the click of a button!  So, what's in it for you? - Explore our wide range of products & search by keyword, brand, or category - Access real-time pricing & stock availability - Check out securely        - Live track your order anytime, anywhere* (Our latest update!) - View detailed product specs - Revisit or edit your shopping basket at any time - Manage your account including billing & order history                             - Discover exclusive prices & promos - Benefit from our loyalty program - Manage cost & supply with our menu planning feature Register in 3 easy steps 1. Click 'myBidfood' on the top-right hand corner of the Bidfood Middle East website landing page 2. Click 'Register Here' and fill the online form 3. Your login credentials will be emailed to you ---> Or visit mybidfoodme.com and follow the same steps mentioned above   For more information, reach out to mybidfood@bidfoodme.com  
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May 28, 2021 | 11:00 AM

Bidfood commemorates World Hunger Day 2021 with UAE Food Bank

Keeping in line with our corporate values to support our community, Bidfood UAE reached out to our partners at UAE Food Bank to honour World Hunger Day.    We donated 105 cases of food items (including rice, pasta, and ready-made dessert items) in support of 235 individuals of UAE staff accommodations.      UAE Food Bank empowers organizations like ours to partner with them and instills a sense of social responsibility, awareness, volunteerism and sustainability. This is our fourth collaborative project to bridge the gap in the community by donating food; since the beginning of our partnership in 2019.    In usual and admirable gusto, our team embodied the Bifood spirit and worked to ensure timely delivery and provision of all the material for those in need.         As we reflect upon the day, we are nothing if not grateful - for what we have and for our collective values toward CSR as an organization.   It is an honour to contribute to our community and to the UAE Food Bank's honourable mission: empowering organizations like ours to support those in need whilst eliminating food waste. 
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May 10, 2021 | 10:00 AM

Bidfood UAE Donates 1,000 Iftar Meal Kits To Underprivileged Communities

Bidfood UAE partnered yet again with Taste Studio to cook, pack and distribute 1,000 Iftar meal kits to underpriviledged communities in Jebel Ali Free Zone area.   In line with Bidfood Middle East's commitment to the community and in the spirit of giving instilled within millions around the world during the Holy Month of Ramadan - and beyond, Bidfood UAE has joined hands once again with Taste Studio, one of the leading catering companies in Dubai, to donate 1,000 Iftar meal kits to people in need around JAFZA.      Because everbody deserves to have a warm and filling Iftar to break their fast, nine of our Bidfoodies worked tirelessly together for six hours to prepare meals made with love and packaged with care.   On the menu:  1. Chicken Birayni 2. Dates 3. Cake 4. Water   The day started with preparing the boxes that would carry the food. All nine volunteers sat around a table, dividing tasks to efficiently finish building the boxes in time for the next step. They told anecdotes, craked jokes, sang along, and shared laughs.      Next up, food! Our volunteers split into teams, some handled the sweet station, some the savory. They scooped and packaged - all while showing the true spirit of being a Bidfoodie: working together as one for a greater cause.           Lastly, all nine Bidfoodies formed a human chain to package the delights into the boxes, including a bottle of water, which were then placed into Taste Studio trucks and delivered to those in need around JAFZA.     We are proud of our volunteers (Khurram, Fareed, Pamela, Jihad, Dina, Catherine, Charizma, Samer, and Lynn) for their selfless efforts and for embodying Bidfood's values! Special thanks to Hitesh, Zulekha and everybody from Taste Studio for having us over and for making it an unforgettable day.   Eid Mubarak!   
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April 21, 2021 | 10:00 AM

Bidfood UAE Sponsors Rotana's Smoke & Flames Amateur BBQ Masters

Bidfood UAE partnered with Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC to create magic with our fit-for-a-master food items in one of the most exciting amateur competitions in the country, Smoke & Flames Amateur BBQ Masters.   14 semi-finalists battled it out in an ultimate journey of meat smoking. seasoning, chopping, and dish creating using Bidfood products including Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef meat, WETFISH TRADING L.L.C. salmon, Cornish Sea Salt Co. Ltd sea salt, Lamb Weston mashed potatoes, and much more!   Michael Graham was crowned UAE’s Best Amateur BBQ Master, taking home AED10,000 and a bouquet of other prizes.   The trail of the exciting competition remains: the special menu (including Graham's winning dish) is now live and running in 5 of Rotana's flagship hotels - JB’s at Amwaj Rotana - Morgan’s at Al Bandar Rotana - Garden by Bayview at Beach Rotana - Cooper’s at Park Rotana - Turtle Bay at Saadiyat Rotana in Abu Dhabi   Congratulations Michael and to all runners-up.   Watch the grand finale below Smoke & Flames - Grand Final - UAE's Best Amateur BBQ Master
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April 12, 2021 | 10:00 AM

Bidfood UAE Partners with Wet Fish via Majority Acquisition

Bidfood UAE has partnered with specialized seafood supplier, Wet Fish, via majority acquisition.    The strategic partnership comes as a step towards developing Bidfood’s protein category, particularly seafood, and unlocking potential opportunities within the two companies to efficiently serve the UAE’s foodservice market.     Wet Fish, a family-run business born in the UAE 16 years ago, was founded by Mark Allan with one goal in mind: to source and supply high-grade fish and seafood to local fine dining restaurants, hotels, and top-end hospitality operators in the UAE. The company established a top-class self-contained facility in Dubai Investments Park where all seafood items go through elaborate processing that saves customers preparation time, cuts unnecessary food waste, and ensures a more consistent end product. The latter includes descaling, cleaning, filleting, pin boning, and portioning, all under safe and hygienic HACCP accredited standards.    “Partnering with Mark and his family at Wet Fish helps capitalize on both companies’ capabilities and available resources to achieve a healthy growth within the industry – which in turn creates value to all stakeholders involved,” says Hisham Al Jamil, Bidfood Middle East CEO. “Wet Fish’s entrepreneurial mindset fits perfectly with Bidfood’s ethos.”    Part of Bidfood UAE’s unfaltering belief – and ultimately its business success – lies in adopting a decentralized organizational structure and preserving the autonomy of business leaders. Accordingly, Wet Fish will continue to be run by its current founding team, yet will benefit from Bidfood’s best practices and learnings for its growth and expansion.     Echoing Al Jamil’s sentiment on the partnership, Allan said, “Bidfood has long proven why they are the leading partner to the foodservice industry. We are certain that combining Bidfood UAE’s capabilities with Wet Fish’s proposition will contribute to the long-term success of the business partnership and lead to our exponential growth in the UAE.”   Bidfood’s vision remains to be - and always be - the leading partner to the foodservice channel, and its investment in Wet Fish is the first of many opportunities to partner with, and boost, businesses of high potential within the foodservice industry in the region.       About Bidfood UAE Bidfood UAE is the leading foodservice distributor in the UAE and a part of JSE-listed Bidcorp Group. It caters to all seven Emirates through an extensive category and brand portfolio of more than 20 brands pertaining to bakery items, dairy products, seafood, protein, condiments, pantry staples, ready-made meals, and beverage items.   About Wet Fish Wet Fish is a wholesale seafood supplier that started as a family business 16 years ago with a clientele of some of the most highly-regarded restaurants around the world. The company established a top-class and highly efficient processing facility in the DIP area of Dubai where fish is stored and processed following strict health standards.   USEFUL LINKS   Wet Fish Website Wet Fish Home Delivery Order Wet Fish on myBidfood (Registered users only)
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