Bidfood UAE Gears Up for Expo 2020

September 20, 2021 | 04:00 PM Bidfood - News

Serving You So You Can Serve the World


With just 10 days to go for Expo 2020 for what is seemingly the largest event to ever take place in the Middle East, Bidfood is gearing up to serve the market for the 6-month long event. As the UAE is currently the global leader in vaccination rates and COVID-19 restrictions have significantly eased, it comes as no surprise that current reports highlight that the event is set to see over 15 million local and foreign visits. This is a clear indicator that the UAE’s foodservice sector is set to flourish, both, inside and outside the Expo premises. 


Bidfood UAE plans to support its foodservice partners that have outlets inside and outside Expo with its wide range of food and beverage solutions. Bidfood boasts of an impressive portfolio – ranging from meat, dairy and condiments to bakery, beverages and more; supported by world-class brands like Heinz, Lamb Weston, Anchor, Bridor, Emborg, Mackas, San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Red Bull, etc. 


“These are exciting times – we have successfully come out the other end of the pandemic tunnel and have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Expo 2020. We look forward to this once-in-a-lifetime event that will enable us to explore, learn, and grow together with our foodservice partners.”, says Hisham Al Jamil, CEO of Bidfood Middle East. 


In anticipation of Dubai turning into the “meeting place of the world”, Bidfood has made a significant increase in its stock coverage and fleet capacity. This is a premeditated decision to ensure that their partners across the market are well equipped to serve their end-consumers and create amazing dining experiences.


Their latest digital solution, myBidfood, has gained significant popularity as the Middle East’s first foodservice e-distribution platform, allowing all customers to order 24x7 from anywhere. This robust platform enables suppliers to showcase not only their products but also allows them to include ingredients, recipes, additional specifications, and communicate with customers.
Further to this, operators can live-track orders, discover exclusive promotions and manage their cost and supply chain through myBidfood’s menu planning feature. 

To learn more about the platform, click here



Amongst other initiatives, Bidfood is working toward the spectacular launch of a new, innovative and sustainable product in the market. More details will be revealed post the launch of Expo so stay tuned for more. 


“We are taking a leap of faith. We are aligned with the UAE government’s vision and what they are bringing to the market with Expo. This event has allowed us to tactically plan initiatives that ensure we are ready to serve our partners and offer amazing dining experiences to the end-consumers over the months to come.”, Hisham echoes. 


 All in all, the air is electric with the excitement of Expo 2020 and Bidfood is ready to serve you so you can serve the world