Harnessing The Power Of People And Culture

October 05, 2021 | 10:00 AM Bidfood - News


Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lucy d’Abo to our Bidfood office in the UAE. Lucy is a business advisor to companies around organizational excellence, brand culture, talent acquisition, succession planning, and preparation for acquisition and growth strategy. The session started with Lucy walking us through her inspiring journey of how she co-founded and built a market-leading creative communications agency DABO & CO, how she successfully secured an acquisition, managing a merger and subsequent earn-out.


What stuck with all of our Bidfoodies after just a few moments of interacting with Lucy was her take on workplace culture and her passion for building connections.


During the hour, we learned that the key to building a superpower culture revolved around a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that bind us as an organization. Moreover, good company cultures are prevalent in those organizations where every person in the company believed in the purpose of the business and its values.



It was here that we got the chance to reflect upon Bidfood’s own purpose and how we play our part to achieve it. 

"To enable food operators to provide an amazing dining experience to end consumers."


Lucy highlighted how successful company cultures lean on multiple pillars - from workforce and leadership to communication and strategy. We discussed, collectively, the importance of raising one's own voice, taking accountability for actions and every person's role in being responsible for a company's culture.


The excitement hit the roof when Lucy's team proceeded to conduct a series of fun-filled group activities that had all our Bidfoodies completely engaged. We were made to perform tasks that reiterated the core of practising good cultures that focused on: 

  1. Progressive Leadership: Fostering trust and breeding a culture of ownership
  2. Communication: Sharing is power – access to information is empowering and so is listening
  3. Care: Caring for your people to build loyalty, camaraderie and resilience


Reflecting back on Lucy's insightful words, we collectively echo the sentiment that each person is responsible for the culture of the company and continuously work hard to make Bidfood the best company to work in and with.